Aerial Drone Surveys

By Doman Energy

What is ADS (Aerial Drone Surveys)

“Aerial Drone Surveys (ADS) is the full-service drone division of Doman Energy that specializes in all forms of drone work.  Doman Energy employs FAA certified pilots using state of the art drones, cameras, and equipment.  Leading the solar industry in services such as Infrared Thermography, Progress Tracking, and much more.

Over the last decade we have found that drone-based inspections have the capability to efficiently identify issues, track construction progress, and provide captivating marketing material at a low cost to our customers. Paired with our engineering team’s comprehensive analysis of the inspection results, ADS provides solutions and information essential to a projects success, saving our clients’ time and money.


ADS has capability to do almost anything with drones, and with that we aren't limited to just the solar industry.  Need cinematic drone footage? We can do that.  Need survey mapping?  We can also do that.


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Infrared Drone Flights

Arial Drone Surveys provides state of the art, infrared drone flights and analysis of solar projects that can provide an unparalleled insight into the condition of a plant, preventing energy losses as well as maximizing both energy produced and dollars made for EPCs and Owners.

efficiently identify operational issues

String Issues (Short-Circuit)

PV Module Hotspot(s)

Combiner Box OR String Inverter Issues (Open-Circuit)

String Issues (Open-Circuit)

PV Module Bypass Diode(s) Activated


More Drone Services

Progress Tracking






Our Team

Our company prides itself on being a team of solar specialists and FAA drone pilots with a host of diverse training and abilities to be able to handle any job a person or company may have where drones are needed.  Even finding ways to tackle a problem with drones so that we can effectively provide a solution at a low cost to you.


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